Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies

Two type of magnets, one maxim: Pure quality for the very best of application
There are lots of application and high-tech field request to use high-quality magnets.So high advance technical and equipment on each step production be needed,especial on melting,hydrogen decrepitation,jet miling and sintering process.These steps are critical in determining performance.After those process magnets have a rough surface and only approximate dimensions. They also exhibit no external magnetic field.We need to do next machining process for those rough “magnet”and let them have smooth and parallel surface.which can range from grinding them smooth and parallel, OD or ID grinding, or slicing block magnets into smaller parts.The main machining process are cutting,drilling hole,grinding etc.On each process we have advantage equipment and engineers to do very precision control.
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Your wishes are our motivation to produce magnets that leave a
lastingly stunning impression is our priority maxim. Magnets that impress with
stable performance and high precision dimension as much as with suitable power and corrosion resistance.
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High quality down to the very last detail 
the secret behind sintered neodymium magnets production
The critical steps of produce neodymium magnets is on melting,hydrogen decrepitation,jet miling and sintering,which will determining performance.The Alloyed NdFeB materials after melting and strip casting rapidly cooled.The high cooling rate produces very small grains of metal,which are an important part of producing high-quality magnets.But still not enough to make magnets,need to have a Hydrogen Decrepitation to make the casting slice metal become brittle enough that can easily be broken into smaller pieces,which will helpful on jet milling process to make a fine powder ranging from 3-7 microns in diameter.The magnetic field orients be made on this process of the automated press process.Sintered Neodymium magnets are typically pressed perpendicular to the block in order to achieve the highest anisotropy (strongest north-south magnetization).Then the block materials can start to sintering in a furnace at temperature of >1000oC, which allows the blocks to develop their full magnetic and mechanical properties.

Radial oriented NdFeB ring magnet

What is radial ring magnet?

Ring magnet magnetized in radial direction is developed successfully which is using shaping method by new multipole radiation orientation,and meet differnet requirements of permanent motors.

Fundamentally changed the past situation that radial ring magnet only relied on the magnetic tile assembly ,greatly improve the performance of motor.

The popular poles including:2 poles,4 poles,8 poles,10 poles,12 poles,etc,the number of poles and the skew angle were decided by the magnetizing tooling.

This type of neodymium ring magnets widely use for robotics and industrial automatic production line etc. 

Radial oriented neodymium ring magnets have advantages.on assembly technique,the complete ring have less parts,can simplify and easily realize automatic assembly.

The Out diameter higher precision,better coaxiality and verticality.Have flexible way to choose different ways of magnetizing,include magnetizing poles and angles.Also have highly reliable,no risk of magnet peel off.

The most important things is to improve the motor performance,as this ring have very small air gap,motor have smoother operating performance with less noise and vibration.

See below dimension range we have alibity to produce this type or fing recently.