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Radial Magnetization Ferrite Magnet

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  Dimensions: According to your requirements

  Grade: Y30,Y30BH,Y30BH-1,Y35 and etc

  Magnetized: Diametrial,Width,Thickness

Physical Properties


Hard ferrite can store powerful magnetic energy internally and play key roles in a wide range of electronic circuits and electronic devices.There are many metallic ferromagnetic materials with strong magnetic force,but ferrite is a type of ceramic,which means it has high electrical resistance and maintains its excellent properties even when used with high-frequency signals.
When considering global environmental issues,using the smallest possilbe amount of resources and not generating heat through unnecessary losses are crucial.
That is why the ferrite used in the inductors that are essential for electronic circuits must be high performance and low loss.

Advantages of Ferrite Magnets

Pump magnets have more stable physical characteristic include Density,Conductivity,Heat Conductivity and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion;
They aslo have stronger mechanical property which are Vickers-hardness,Compression(Tensile) Strength and impact ductility. 
Pump magnets have super corrosion resistance.

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