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Segment Ferrite Magnet For Motors

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  Dimensions: According to your requirements

  Grade: Y30,Y30BH,Y30BH-1,Y35 and etc

  Magnetized: Diametrial,Width,Thickness

Physical Properties


  •           Magnets for Fan Motors
  •           Magnets for Wiper Motors
  •           Magnets for EPS Motors
  •           Magntes for Starter Motors
  •           Magnets for Home appliance Motors
  •           Magnets for Industrial Motors 
  •           Magnets for Motorcycle Motors
  •           Magnets for other DC Motors

Advantages of Ferrite Magnets

  •           Do not corrode in water.
  •           Can be used up to ﹢250 degrees C.
  •           Sometimes up to +300 degrees C in special circumstances.
  •           High coercivity (Hci) that increases as magnet heats up.
  •           Electrically insulating.
  •           Low cost.

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